Adam Allevato

Welcome, humans and robots.
I write code to make machines smarter.
adam (at) allevato (dot) me
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Sim-to-Real Deep Learning


My PhD research at The University of Texas at Austin trained robot task models using simulations and deep learning, with a goal of better human-robot interaction.

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Robots in Nuclear Gloveboxes


Working with the Nuclear and Applied Robotics Group and Los Alamos National Laboratory, we deployed robots inside nuclear gloveboxes for mixed-waste sorting and manufacturing tasks. Much of the code is available on the lab's GitHub, which I helped run.

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3D Computer Vision for Robots


In my masters' thesis work, I developed a 3D pose estimation library based on Robot Operating System (ROS). It's great for robotic sorting, remote inspection, and small part picking. We've since used the code in the 2015 Amazon Picking Challenge and other human-robot interaction studies.